Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Wheres my money

So I was just thinking about those people who you lend money to and then suddenly they don’t want to come out, they make excuses constantly about why they can’t pay you back yet.

Those kind of people really irritate me because if you loan something you expect to get it back, it really does anger me kinda makes me want to punch them all in the face a lot. On a side note I went to Butlins with my girlfriend for her brothers birthday which was quite fun we went in the arcades and played some games.

Then we had something to eat, I opted for the full English breakfast with a pint, we then went swimming which was fun, me and Emily spent about 2 hours looking around trying to find each other because we got separated before we went in.

Just One Favor

Mike really pisses me off sometimes, I feed him, share my beer with him, take him to house parties where if he didn’t know me he wouldn’t be at, I let him stay at my place whenever, I’ve introduced him to like 60 people, I share my cigs with him, I even stay out all night with him when he cant go back home.

And when I call him at 6am asking him to come bait digging with me because if I go alone it’s really dangerous because if I get stuck in the mudflaps the tide will come in and I will drown, he says he can’t be bothered for 19 minutes as I beg him for this one favor on the phone.

I never ask that fucker for any favors what so ever, and I’m always doing shit to help him and he can’t help me out this one time it really fucking irritates me what a lazy inconsiderate bastard he is sometimes.